A proud member of

Pupil Voice

School Council and Waterton Children’s Parliament

 At Normanton Common Primary Academy we value the opinions and choices of our pupils. We have an active School Council drawn from pupils of all ages. The School Council meets every couple of weeks and is led by an elected Chair and Secretary. Our school Council is supported by Miss Chapman, our Learning Mentor, and Miss Bonner. Representatives are elected annually by classmates. They then also become members of the Waterton Children’s Parliament.


This group gathers every term giving our pupils the opportunity to collaborate with children from other schools across the Trust. As members of the School Council and as Waterton Members of Parliament, our pupils have helped to plan and organise inter-school art exhibitions, musical performances, poetry and art competitions and sporting events. They have made decisions about new school rules, raised issues of importance with their classes, selected and costed playtime and lunchtime playground equipment and have visited the Town Council to work with the Mayor on several occasions.


Our School Council says: “The School Council is a dedicated group of young people who work to help and improve our school. If someone has an opinion we will always take that into consideration. Our fellow classmates chose us to be councillors because they consider us to be trustworthy people who can really make a difference. We hope to achieve our goals during our year as school councillors.”


This link will take you to Waterton Children’s Parliament page. Take a look at what we have been doing. 

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