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We expect school uniform to be worn by all pupils, not just because it looks smart but because it adds to a sense of “belonging” to our school family.


The following list of clothing is flexible enough to allow some element of choice whilst remaining sufficiently uniform.


We will provide your child’s very first school book bag. We require pupils to bring their book bag to school every day. Replacement book bags can be purchased from the school office at the cost of £5.00.


Please ensure that all items of uniform and PE kit are labelled with your child’s name. Please check regularly after washing that names are still visible.


School PE bags can be purchased from the school office at a cost of £4.00.

Parents should choose from

Parents should choose from

  • White or blue polo shirt
  • Navy sweatshirt or fleece with school logo (not hoodies)
  • Navy cardigan with school logo
  • Plain navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan (no logo)
  • Navy trousers (any material except denim)
  • Navy trouser shorts (not sports shorts) in warmer weather
  • Navy skirt, culottes or pinafore (any material except denim)
  • Blue gingham or striped school dress in warmer weather
  • Navy or white socks or navy tights
  • Black, brown or navy school shoes (not trainers) with a sensible low heel (NOT higher than 2 cms). Children wearing unsuitable shoes, boots or muddy shoes will be asked to change into their PE plimsolls. Please ensure that your child can tie their own laces if you buy them lace up shoes.

Warmer weather

Warmer weather

Pupils may wear navy trouser shorts (not sports shorts) and white or blue polo shirts or plain white or blue tee-shirts (with or without logo).  Pupils may wear a blue gingham or striped school dress.


Pupils may wear a sun hat.


Instead of school shoes pupils may wear sandals in the summer. These must fully support the foot and should be a suitable style and colour which is in-keeping with the school shoes expectation, with a low heel. Trainers, flip-flops or crocs are not suitable footwear for school.

Colder weather

Colder weather

It is very important that all pupils have a suitably warm coat, gloves and a hat in the colder months and especially throughout winter. Please ensure these and named. If boots that are higher than the ankle are worn, the pupil must have a pair of shoes or plimsolls to change into in school.

PE kit

PE kit should be brought to school each Monday. Children require the following PE clothing which is available from our school suppliers, or may be purchased at any major chain stores:

  • Navy or black close fitting sports shorts
  • Plain white tee shirt (a simple round neck is better but polo can be worn). Round neck tee shirts are much safer for apparatus work – collars can be a problem
  • Plain navy or black tracksuit to wear on top of the PE kit in case of cold weather (outdoor PE)
  • Black plimsolls for indoor and plain trainers for outdoor lessons.
  • White socks
  • Long hair MUST be tied back for all PE lessons and sporting activities.
  • PE kits should be kept in a drawstring PE bag. PE bags with the school name and logo are available for purchase from the school office

Earrings KS1

  • On PE days parents must either remove or cover children’s studs with micropore tape. This is in the interest of Health and Safety.

Earrings KS2

  • Pupils in KS2 will be asked to remove their studs before a PE lessons.


Year 5 pupils swim once a week. The following kit should be brought to school in a plastic bag on swimming day – Monday:

  • Girls one piece swimming costume – not a bikini.
  • Boys swimming trunks or close fitting shorts – not baggy shorts as they can fill with water and can impede swimming.
  • All children need to bring a towel and a hair brush or comb. Children are not allowed to bring deodorant, talc or hair products to the swimming baths. Ear studs must be left at home on swimming days.

Jewellery, hair and make-up


No jewellery is to be worn apart from one pair of small plain round studs in the lobes of pierced ears. For health and safety reasons on PE days, parents must either remove or cover Key Stage One children’s studs with micropore tape. We would ask parents to consider holding off ear piercing until children are old enough to insert and remove the studs themselves. Key Stage Two children will be asked to remove their studs before a PE lessons. Children will not be allowed to swim wearing ear studs. No other body piercing is acceptable in school. Watches may be worn as long as parents accept that we can take no responsibility if they get lost when children removed them for PE. Toy type watches are unsuitable for school should not be brought in.


Children are not allowed to wear nail varnish, false nails or make-up in school. They must not have tattoos (permanent or temporary). We have nail varnish remover in school and will ask children to remove nail varnish if they come to school wearing it.


Pupils with long hair should have it tied back for school to stop it getting in the way during lessons and to minimise the risk of catching headlice. Hair should be tied back with a plain bobble or headband, high fashion hair accessories are not part of our uniform and should not be worn.

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